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GEZOCHT: organisational talent for organizing international matches at HCC
6-5-2016  | 
Dear members and volunteers of Hockey Club Capelle,
In the last years more and more foreign teams are coming to Capelle to play fixtures against HCC teams, which is a great development for HCC.
Although it is fun and very educational, it also takes time to arrange the fixtures, therefore we are looking for someone who would be interested in doing this for HCC.
Please send us an email or pick up the phone if this applies to you!
Serge van Embden 0611480392

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Team en schema informatie
27-6  Hockey Pro League D HALVE FINALE 1: ZIGGO
28-6  Hockey Pro League D HALVE FINALE 2: ZIGGO
29-6  Feest Jeugd Turnvereniging Turn Around
29-6  Hockey Pro League D FINALE 1-2: ZIGGO
30-6  Hockey Pro League D FINALE 1-2: ZIGGO
Hele agenda
MB1 Dordrechtse Mixed Hockey Club MB3 1-3
D1 DDHC D1 1-1
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